Sat. Aug 24th, 2019


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Vancouver votes to demand fossil fuel companies pay for climate change

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Vancouver city council has voted in favor of a motion that demands global fossil fuel companies pay their share of costs arising issues related from climate change.

The motion was  passed 7-4. According to a report by British Columbia government , it is estimated that the city needs to spend $1bn in this century to mitigate rising sea levels.

The motion also said it will urge both British Columbia and Canadian governments to enact laws to confirm the responsibility of fossil fuel companies to pay their share of costs.

It also asks  Mayor Kennedy Stewart to write on behalf of council to “the 20 fossil fuel companies with the highest percentage of greenhouse gas emissions to ask that they be accountable for their share of climate emergency costs.”

Vancouver says those municipal governments represent about one-third of all B.C. residents.

It is to be noted that energy companies based in Alberta, have voiced opposition to the requests and have even taken retaliatory action against municipalities.

 Going forward, several oil and gas companies pulled out of a major investor conference in Whistler after the village sent a request to Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.

Whistler’s mayor later apologized, but the conference went ahead without the energy sector.

Vancouver city  is the 24th community in BC to pass such a motion since 2017.

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