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Tesla Electric Plane : The Next Big Thing

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Tesla Electric Plane :  An idea floated by Elon Musk ten years ago is fast approaching reality. 

Musk has mention about an Electric Plane way back in 2008 and explained how an electric plane gets more feasible as battery energy improves. 

In 2012 , going further he said he has design in his head for the past four years. So its quite evident that Tesla might work on the production of electric planes in next few years. 

And the reference continued  in 2014, Musk told an MIT symposium that he was “toying” with the idea. In 2015, he again said he had a “design in mind.” 

And by 2016 he started explaining his idea that electric planes will be vertical takeoff’s and landing compared to traditional ones. 

He got closer in 2017 saying “electric planes are not inconceivable I would do an electric plane,” but that “we are not quite there in terms of the energy density of batteries for an electric plane.”

But the biggest problem is aircrafts should be lighter enough to fly and stronger enough to carry passengers. 

If Tesla could bring the balance we may soon see a prototype of world’s first electric aircraft. 

In 2019 Musk mentions electric plane’s are feasible, but it requires a change in battery density.

With change in technologies Tesla is marching forward to see how close they can get in producing Electric aircraft’s.

In February 2019 Tesla acquired Maxwell Technologies for $218 million deal back , a battery technology company working with a variety of exotic materials. The firm was working with dry electrodes, which could drop cobalt from the equation, increase production 16-fold, and bring down costs by 20 percent. 

Maxwell claims their  dry electrodes could support denser batteries. 

“While 300 watt-hours seemed a reasonable claim, Tesla has  a “path” to 500 watt-hours. Following the acquisition, “– Musk said in annual share holders meet. 

The with main problem been solved and as Tesla is looking to acquire more battery companies ” Tesla could make some sort of public move in the mid-to-late 2020s”– says Inverse.

The world’s longest flight travels from Singapore to New York, and covers 9,300 miles in 17 hours. 

It is too early to compare a traditional plane with electric ones but to begin with Tesla could come with a model which could carry reasonable amount passengers connecting states than countries. 

The aviation industry accounts for twelve percent of global carbon emissions. 

An electric plane could bring renewable energy to the aviation industry which remains one of the world’s largest polluters.



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