Sat. Jul 20th, 2019


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Russia to hold talks with Huawei in using Aurora operating system

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In a major breakthrough Russia has announced that Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media will initiate talks with  Huawei to discuss the possibility of using Russia-developed Aurora operating system (OS) in  Chinese smartphones.

Deputy minister Mikhail Mamonov said authorities have just agreed to begin the work on the use of the Aurora mobile system.

“We are already preparing a comprehensive proposal to the Chinese side on how to work with Huawei and other tech companies in Russia. There are a set of issues on localisation, a set of issues on technology transfer and investment in knowledge, the rules of functioning of R&D centers in Russia,” the deputy minister said.

He said the deal is in initial stage and will finalize things during summer.

“So far we are at an early stage of negotiations. The first talks will be held until fall, and I hope to take part in them. This will be direct negotiations with Huawei, between experts,” he added.

After US ban, Huawei was left out with fewer options and seen focused on developing its own OS which was in pipeline for seven years.

Huawei now has more than few options and said the company will try to ship more than 230 million handsets in 2019.

It is learnt that china was already trying the Russian version of the Finnish OS Sailfish, on devices that could be applied in Huawei products.

It is to be noted that the  Russian media outlet The Bell  has said that China and Russia were also discussing the creation of joint chip and software production.


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