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Ohio woman wins $3M after slipping on casino floor

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An Ohio jury awarded a woman $3 million as compensation as she fell on a “wet floor” sign at Jack Casino in Cincinnati. 

Lynda Sadowski was walking towards the sign in September 2016, which had been knocked over by another customer earlier in the day.

Unaware of the broken sign,  Lynda tripped, fell and suffered injuries as a result.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer “Hamilton County jury found that Jack Casino failed to “use ordinary care” and failed to maintain a safe environment, resulting in Sadowski’s injury,”

Lynda’s attorney, Matt Nakajima said they saw a clear evidence that a  Jack Casino employee walking around the sign without picking it up. And this happened just moments before her injury.

“The casino had no safety policies in place for floor inspection or fall prevention and had no criticism of the employee’s failure to pick up the trip hazard even though its own internal documents found her at fault,” Nakajima said.

“The casino’s callous disregard for their customers’ safety was on full display throughout the trial.”– she added. 

Lynda suffered a broken knee cap and metal hardware was inserted in her knee during the surgery. 

Jack Casino argued that the “wet floor” sign was very much visible and lynda had simply failed to see it.

Jack Casino’s  attorney argued that her  injuries “resulted merely from her failure to pay attention to her surroundings.”

The jury ruled in favor of Sadowski, and said that the casino failed to “use ordinary care” to prevent this and similar incidents from taking place.


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