Sun. Sep 22nd, 2019


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Nokia reveals 5G-ready lithium nanotube battery with 2.5X run time and with same volume as current super-slim batteries

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Nokia has partnered with the SFI Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research hosted at Trinity College Dublin and has developed a lithium nanotube-aided battery that promises to deliver 2.5 times the longevity of today’s best alternatives, even in small, thin enclosures.

The new batteries will be used in  5G devices — such as drones, internet of things products, and connected electric vehicles — but they could be used more broadly.

“By packing more energy into a smaller space, this new battery technology will have a profound impact on 5G and the entire networked world,” said Nokia’s Paul King.

“The combination of Nokia Bell Labs industry and device knowledge and AMBER’s materials science expertise allowed us to tackle an extremely difficult problem involving multiple disciplines.”– he added.

Nokia did a study and published it results in  international science journal Nature Energy .

Nokia said  partners have developed thick new battery electrodes using a composite of carbon nanotubes and lithium storage materials, enabling energy to be transferred at near-theoretical peak efficiency levels.

As a result, the batteries charge quickly and make the most of whatever physical volume they consume.

Nokia said this  technology will help small, power-constrained devices to run for longer times than before, which has implications within and beyond the 5G world.

After completing all the proceedings , Nokia has filed the patent. It plans to commercialize the technology early next year.

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