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MateX will launch in September with Android OS – Huawei

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President of Huawei’s Western European Region, Vincent Pang has announced that Huawei’s foldable phone MateX will be launched in September with Android operating system.

“It’s coming in September – at the latest,” he said

“Probably earlier, but definitely September is guaranteed.”– he added.

When question where the phone will be launched Pang said “Any country that has 5G,”

Also reminded that  Huawei’s MateX is a 5G phone when compared with Samsung Galazy Fold, which is 4G.

When questioned on the operating system Pang said : the Mate X is shipping with the Android version that you want: Google’s.

“Because it has already been announced,” suggesting that it may fall outside of Trump administration’s ban on US companies (including software companies like Google) from dealing with Huawei.

When asked about the delay he said it is mainly because of 5G rollout and it has noting to do with US ban.

Huawei is waiting for 5G to cement itself in China and other important areas. 5G just went live in the UK, which has always been a key territory for Huawei smartphones.

He  also said that Huawei did a lot of tests to prevent screen issues similar to the Galaxy Fold, but said that whatever it has done to ensure the phone’s durability is a secret.

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