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Man released from prison considering too old to be threat , convicted in another murder

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Albert Flick , 77 year old man, who was released from prison in 2010 considering too old to pose a threat  has been sentenced again in a murder case. 

Flick was sentenced in 1979 for stabbing her wife to death in front of her daughter. He served more than two decades  in prison and four years after his release, he stabbed another woman. 

In 2010, the man was in late 60’s and has spent nearly one third of his life in person, considering this judge showed mercy and released him saying he is no more a threat. 

“At some point, Mr. Flick is going to age out of his capacity to engage in this conduct, and incarcerating him beyond the time that he ages out doesn’t seem to me to make good sense,” — Judge said. 

But Flick took advantage of this and murdered another woman Dobbie (48) in-front of her twin sons. 

He stabbed her 11 times , in front of a laundromat in broad daylight. 

According to Flick infatuated with Dobbie they know each other, but were not in a relationship. 

Although he accept the crime , police investigation found he was seen purchasing two knives before the crime.

After discussion Jurors reached a guilty verdict  and sentenced him to spend 25 years in prison. 

We and the family and friends of Kim Dobbie are very gratified with the jury verdict,” Maine Assistant Attorney General Robert Ellis said in a statement.

“Mr. Flick stabbed her to death in a similar fashion to how he murdered his wife Sandra in 1979. At least there is some level of justice in his conviction.”

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