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Huawei’s new OS HongMeng is reportedly 60 per cent faster than Android

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‘Following Google’s android ban Huawei has announced that it will create its own Operating System.

The OS is named HongMeng OS in China and will be reportedly  called Ark OS for global markets. New reports claims, Huawei will be ready to ship phones with this new OS starting from October 2019.

The latest reports have indicated that  OS is almost ready and Huawei has started testing with companies like Tencent, Oppo and Vivo.

Based on the tests, it has been revealed that Huawei’s new OS is 60 per cent faster than Google’s Android.

HongMeng can also be installed on computers, tablets, TVs, cars and wearables.

“Not just on phones our new OS can be  installed on computers, tablets, TVs, cars, wearables and everything else you can install an OS on.”– Huawei’s Richard Yu

China Daily has reported that,  Huawei has already shipped 1 million devices with the new HongMeng OS for testing.

Huawei top representative Andrew Williamson has said that the company has  filed “Hongmeng” trademarks in the EU as well as multiple countries, including Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Cambodia, and Peru.

The he added that Huawei will ship, a whooping 225 million devices with this new OS ,around the globe.

The HongMeng OS-supported phones will be released in China, while international markets will get Huawei’s new OS at a later date as it will need to meet certain requirements.

It is to be noted that China has announced that it is drawing a list of “unreliable” foreign companies, organisations and individuals which could signal retaliation for the US sanctions on Huawei.


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