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Huawei now holds two third of 5G networks outside china, plans to increase investment despite US ban

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2019/06/25 14:22:20

Huawei and its 5G services are gaining popularity in commercial adoption. The company has  gained  fifity 5G commercial contracts globally – two thirds of the world’s total.

Mobile World Congress in Shanghai , Ryan Ding, executive director of the board and president of the Carrier BG of Huawei said “Huawei has so far gained 50 5G commercial contracts and shipped more than 150,000 base stations.”

“Globally, 5G is gaining strong momentum in its commercial adoption. Since the first half of this year, a good number of countries, including South Korea, UK, Switzerland, Italy, and Kuwait, have commercially launched 5G networks, two thirds of which were constructed by Huawei.”

He also said Huawei’s next focus on 5G sector will be on Enterprise sector, which the company believes,  will add value to its revue system.

“Industries are starting to embrace 5G and 5G is starting to explode into prominence by promoting a comprehensive digital transformation and improving efficiency in many industries. Huawei’s modular and full-series solutions will put operators in unique positions to build green, converged, and ultra-lean 5G commercial networks that drive continuous growth,” he said.

Huawei will also increase its investment on 5g despite US Ban.

5G will be a key enabling technology for this world. We will continue to increase investment in 5G and work with our customers and partners,” Ding said

“Cybersecurity and privacy protection are our top priorities. We ensure the security of carriers’ 5G networks with our secure products and trusted services.”– he added.

When questioned on US ban he said the company will surive and will forward in the coming the months.

“We can not only keep operating for the next 12 months, we can survive and keep growing in sustainable way,” Ding said.

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