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HARMONY – Huawei’s new operating system for mobile phones

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On July 12, 2019 , Huawei has  filed a trademark application with  EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) to register its new operating system. 

The operating system has been named as HARMONY and will be used on mobile phones and computers. 

Huawei has categorized the application Class 9, with the description; ‘mobile operating systems; computer operating systems; downloadable operating system programs’.

After the rise in tensions with US government, it is reported that Huawei is making its own operating and it has named as  HongMeng . But it is later raveled that HongMeng will be for internet stuffs and not on mobile devices. 

EUIPO said they have received the application and its under review. The trademark was been filed in Germany, Munich by Forresters. 

Also tensions with US are easing out after G20 summit, Huawei is still keen on developing its operating system as a back source , if something goes wrong. 

Huawei also said that the they will be using Android on majority of devices and will test its new OS on just few devices. 

HARMONY will be launched later this year in china and huawei is looking to launch in other countries during the first quarter of 2020. 

Apart from smartphones HARMAONY can also be used on electronic devices such  like tablets , wearable’s and computers.

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