Sat. Sep 21st, 2019


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Hackers take over the London Metropolitan Police’s Twitter account and Website

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Hackers have targeted and successfully hacked London’s Metropolitan Police website and twitter account last night. 

After hacking the twitter account, hackers posted a series of bizarre tweets.

Hackers also sent a stream of unusual emails from the force’s press bureau at 23:30 BST on Friday.


The tweets contained  offensive language and mentioned the names of several people. MET acted immediately and got hold of the account and deleted the tweets posted by hackers. 

“The Met Police Press Bureau uses an online provider called MyNewsDesk to issue news releases and other content. When a story is published via MyNewsDesk, it appears on the Met’s website and Twitter accounts and generates an email to those who’ve subscribed to receive our news updates.” — MET said in a statement. 

Hackers posted more than dozen tweets with video game reference. 

“We apologise to our subscribers and followers for the messages they have received,” the force added.

MET spokesperson said the issue is only related to MyNewsDesk account and they have rectified it. 

“We have begun making changes to our access arrangements to MyNewsDesk,” he said.

He also confirmed that MET’s infrastructure has not been hacked. 

“At this stage, we are confident the only security issue relates to access to our MyNewsDesk account. There has been no ‘hack’ of the Met Police’s own IT infrastructure,”– he added. 

“We are assessing to establish what criminal offences have been committed,” it added.


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