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Hacker sentenced to 6 years and five months for blackmailing pornography site users

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Zain Qaiser, 24-year-old hacker who hacked and blackmailed the users of  pornography website has been sentenced to six year and five months. 

Qaiser worked with  Russian crime group and targeted millions of computers with malicious browser-locking software.

He bought advertising space on pornography sites and when users clicked the corrupted links, their computers were exposed to highly sophisticated “angler” software.

He then claimed to be a member of the local law enforcement agency and demanded a payment of more than £750 in order to unfreeze their screens.

Qaiser also blackmailed advertising companies who took exception to his methods, telling one director “I’ll first kill your server, then send child porn spam abuses” if they refused to allow his pop-ups on the porn sites.

Qaiser is estimated to have raked in more than £700,000 between 2012 and 2014, spending the proceeds on expensive watches, luxury hotel stays and regular trips to casinos.

CCTV captured Qaiser cashing in some of his money at a casin

Passing sentence on Tuesday, the judge, Timothy Lamb QC, said: “The harm caused by your offending was extensive – so extensive that there does not appear to be a reported case involving anything comparable.”

“Whatever your motivation for mounting these attacks on the internet you took the opportunity to spend large sums of ill-gotten money in casinos, on an expensive watch and luxury hotel services.”

“All the constituent offences were part and parcel of your role as the self-styled ‘K!NG’ of the internet. It has been asserted on your behalf you are remorseful. I have seen no outward expression of that.”

The criminal group collected multimillion-pound profits from victims in more than 20 countries, although the total number of people scammed is unknown, the NCA said.




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