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Google to invest 600 million euros to expand its data center in Finland

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Google Data Center

Google has announced that   it will invest about 600 million euros ($672 million) in a new data center in Hamina, Finland.

The decision was pushed by Google’s parent Alphabet Inc  to invest heavily in servers and feed demand for faster access to files and media.

This is an imporant move consideing Google’s deccison to enter

The silicon valley giant is all  set to enter video gaming with its new streaming service Stadia. This will allow players to access the action through the web without Pc’s or expensive consoles . Stadia runs through the company’s YouTube video-streaming platform and requires the data-center network to function.

In an email statement google said the new construction will add to Google’s existing data-center complex in Hamina on the south coast of Finland, taking the company’s total investment there to 1.4 billion euros.

Google’s Hamina facility is one of its most advanced and efficient data centers. Its cooling system uses seawater from the Gulf of Finland to reduce energy use.

The company has 58 data centers around the world.

Google’s other European data centers are located in the Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium.

The search engine giant has invested more than 4.3 billion euros in five such facilities since 2007 and its accrued capital expenditures for the first quarter came to $4.5 billion, comprising spending on data centers, servers and office facilities.

Google’s Hamina complex will be powered by renewable energy acquired from three new wind farms in the Nordic nation.

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