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Finland pledges to become carbon neutral by 2035

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Following the election, the five-party coalition government in Finalnd has pledged to make the country carbon neutral by 2035 as part of  policy programme, which includes a major increase in public spending on welfare and infrastructure.

Antti Rinne , The Social Democratic party leader said it is time to “invest in the future” after years of austerity.

After setting the target Rinne,  also explained how Finland would reach such an ambitious goal in short time.

The plan involves a full-scale mobilization of Finnish economy and an overt rejection of the austerity imposed by the former center-right coalition.

Rinne emphasized that “efforts will stem directly from internal cutbacks and reorganization of national energy sourcing, rather than from outsourcing carbon dioxide emissions via carbon-capture credits in other countries.”

He also said the plan will be reviewed in 2025 with various metrics concerning the effects, money involved and reaching targets.

“People demanded faster climate action and that’s what we’re going to get,” said Sini Harkki, the Finland programme manager of Greenpeace Nordic.

“Building the world’s first fossil-free, sustainable society is going to require much more than nice words on paper, but we’re determined to make it happen. It’s an exciting journey we want to embark on.”

“the broad public support we now have for transformational change, the fights can be won”, she added.

It is to be noted that some parts of the country have already taken even more progressive steps ahead of any official action.

A northern town called Li is well on track to cut its emissions by 80% by 2020,  30 years ahead of the European Union’s most ambitious targets.

Li has ceased using fossil fuels and instead invested heavily in geothermal, solar, and wind energy sources since 2012, with a payoff: The town generates $568,000 in profit each year. On top of this, they are working towards becoming the world’s first zero-waste community, too.


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