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Finland – Europe’s most digitally advanced nation,EU Report

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The European Union’s annual report on digital societies has put Finland at the top country in digital advancement.

In general, Northern European countries dominate the top spots on the EU’s annual Digital Economy and Society Index, which was released today.

EU considers broadband connectivity, human capital, use of internet, digital public services, and research to rank member nations.

Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the United Kingdom are other countries topping the list following Finland.

The report said Finland ranks low on fixed broadband use, but its mobile broadband use is far and away the highest in Europe, almost twice the EU average.

“The continent continues to make progress toward its digital transformation goals” — the report said.

Indeed, while Germany, France, and Italy rank first, third, and fourth, respectively, when it comes to GDP, the first two fall in the middle of the DESI pack. France was ranked 15th out of 28 member nations. Germany was 11th. And Italy is a woeful fifth from last.

Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel said EU must focus on digital transformations to stay competitive.

“This year’s Digital Economy and Society Index demonstrates that the speed of digital transformation must accelerate for the EU to stay competitive at [a] world level,”– she  said  in a statement.

In order to succeed, we have to continue to work together for an inclusive digital economy and ensure unimpeded access to digital skills for all EU citizens in order to truly thrive and build a more digital Europe.”– she added.

It also cites Finland’s human capital, noting that 76% of the population have basic or above basic digital skills, well above the 57% EU average.

And Finland is ranked first in digital public services, thanks to its widespread adoption of open data and digital health care services.


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