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Canadian retailer Le Château bans Cashmere in all 150 locations for animal cruelty

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Canadian retailer Le Château has banned the luxury wool maker Cashmere in all 150 locations for animal cruelty. Cashmere is a soft wool derived from goats. 

Peta visited Cashmere’s farm houses in China and Mongolia, which accounts for 90% of its stocks and found that animals were treated very badly. 

The investigation by PETA found workers held down crying animals, bent them into unnatural positions, and bound them with ropes while they tore their hair out with sharp metal combs.

“Goats screaming in pain and fear as workers tear their hair out. Later, their throats are slit in slaughterhouses and they’re left to die in agony. Goats suffered on every farm in China and Mongolia visited by the eyewitnesses.”

“It’s warm, it’s expensive, and it’s also cruel” PETA said. 

In a statement , Anne Brainard, PETA’s senior director of corporate affairs said “Gentle goats’ hair is torn out and the animals are hit with hammers and hacked to death, all for cashmere sweaters and scarves,”

Following PETA’s statement Le Château banned the wool maker from all of its locations. The Canadian retailer is operating in more than 150 locations in Canada and also runs as an e-commerce platform serving Canada and the U.S.

The Canadian retailer has also announced that they will remove all the  remaining stocks containing the material.

PETA has welcomed the move and urged other retailers to ban Cashmere. 

“Le Château did the right thing by scrapping its remaining cashmere pieces, and PETA is urging all other retailers to follow its compassionate, business-savvy lead and go cashmere-free.”– PETA said in a statement. 

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