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Big Boom in Model 3 Sales, Tesla soars past 40k total registrations in Norway

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Norway is the leader in the leader in electric car market and Tesla’s Model S, Model X, and Model 3 registrations in Norway crossed the 40,000 mark last week.

Model S was introduced in 2013 and it accounts for 50% with nearly 20,000 registrations, the Model X at 30% with over 12,000 registrations, and the Model 3 represents about 20% with nearly 8,000 registrations.

since the all-electric midsize sedan began arriving in February , Model 3 sales have consistently represented the majority of Tesla’s month-to-month sales in Norway.

According to Teslarati “In May, Tesla’s registrations in Norway represented about 22% of all new zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) registered for the month, according to the Norwegian Road Traffic Information Council.”

Out of the 4,655 new ZEVs registered in the country, the California-based car maker’s vehicles totaled 1,017. The Model 3 led the demand, making up about 70% of Tesla’s total for May.

Zero Emission Vehicles  now represent over 35% of Norway’s total auto market share ,  up from 22.3 per cent from May 2018, and that number is expected to increase as the country moves closer to its goal of banning fossil fuel cars by 2025.

Norway is already a leader in transitioning to a carbon neutral economy with aggressive policies and incentives in place to encourage the change.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has praised Norway for its clean energy vision in the past, citing both its hydropower-driven grid and its transition to emissions-free vehicles. Musk also lauded Norwegians for their commitment to a carbon free environment. “Norwegians should be proud.

You’re in the front seat and a world leader in this field,” he said during a talk in 2016. When Norway made the decision to ban fossil fuel cars, he tweeted his enthusiastic support for the move.

“Just heard that Norway will ban new sales of fuel cars in 2025. What an amazingly awesome country. You guys rock!!”

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