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Apple leaking Itunes listening data to marketers and app developers.Lawsuit filed

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Apple has marketed itself as a company that puts customers’ privacy first, but a new class-action lawsuit claims to the contrary.

It is been learnt that Apple Inc is leaking its Itunes data to marketers and app developers to target qualified customers.

Three Itunes users from Rhode Island and Michigan are suing Apple in failing to protect the records of entertainment purchases in those states.

Three plaintiffs has filed a filed papers at California’s District Court on Friday claiming that the company had “intentionally and unlawfully” shared data with third-parties without explicit permission, which could break local laws.

They have also alleged that  third parties in receipt of the information have themselves passed it on, without any permission from the original user.

These third party’s  have granted app developers access to iTunes libraries through the Media Player framework without getting permission from Apple.

It suggests that advertisements are being targeted at specific demographics.

For example, high-earning women of child-bearing age that have listened to Barry White in the past month could be shown ads for high-quality nappies.

It adds that in addition to offering data to marketers, the same info is also available to developers working on integrations and extensions for the service, effectively handing them the data on a silver platter.
Itunes users also said that Apple was aware that listening data was leaking after a blog post in early 2016 drew conclusions that Apple acknowledged but failed to fix for eight months.

It is to be noted that Apple even took to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year to tout its privacy advantage with the ad slogan: “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.”

Wheaton et al v. Apple by on Scribd

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