Sat. Jul 20th, 2019


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Amazon to use its delivery drones to secure homes , gets patent approval

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United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted a Patent to Amazon to use its delivery drones for home surveillance .

If you are out on a vacation,  you can order amazon drones to hover around your home to scan for  broken window,  garage door left open, , graffiti , fire and for security purposes.

When something needs to be reported, a text message or telephone will be sent to the homeowner or  local authorities.

“An alert may be provided to multiple recipients, such as a service provider (such as a security provider), an operator, a user, or a municipal entity such [as] a police or fire department,” the patent materials say.

Amazon officials said the plan is still in initial stages, but the patent papers describe a future in which Amazon customers order drones for home security.

Drones are mostly used for surveillance by military , but big players like amazon are now  exploring the opportunity to use for commercial and home surveillance purposes.

Amazon has been testing delivery drones for years and has recently said the drones start the delivery in few months.

Prime Air delivery drones will be taking off from fulfillment centers and able to fly up to 15 miles carrying packages under five pounds.

Amazon will use geofencing, or placing a digital perimeter around a specific location, to ensure that the homes of people who do not want their properties videotaped will not be recorded. As Amazon puts it:

“The surveillance data is modified in order to exclude, blur, obscure, excise, mask, or hide data referring to the excluded location.”– Amazon said


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