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Amazon becomes the world’s most valuable brand , beats Google and Apple

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According to a new ranking of global companies, Amazon has surpassed Apple and Google for the first time to become the world’s most valuable corporate brand.

Last year, Amazon ranked third after Apple and Google. Over the past year, the total value of Amazon’s brand surged 52% to more than $315 billion — up $108 billion from the previous year.

Other brands from the top ten include  Microsoft, Visa, Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent, McDonald’s and AT&T.

Google’s brand value rose 2% in the last year to $309 billion , while Apple’s brand grew  3%  to $309.5 billion, found Kantar, a unit of advertising agency WPP.

Kantar calculated the value of companies’ brand by multiplying their earnings by the strength and growth potential of a firm’s equity.

“It’s doubtful that any of us predicted that this company would sell so much more online, transforming retail and other categories-in just a couple of decades,” David Roth,CEO of The Store WPP said in the introduction to the ranking.

“With its devotion to removing friction from every part of the customer experience, Amazon has changed what consumers expect from brands,” he  wrote in the report.

“With its pioneering efforts in cloud computing, Amazon has changed what businesses expect from their suppliers and partners.”  he added.

The world’s most valuable brands 2019

  1. Amazon $315.5 billion
  2. Apple $309.5 billion
  3. Google $309 billion
  4. Microsoft $251.2 billion
  5. Visa $177.9 billion
  6. Facebook $159 billion
  7. Alibaba $131.2 billion
  8. Tencent $130.9 billion
  9. McDonald’s $130.4 billion
  10. AT&T $108.4 billion

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